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How Financially Healthy Are You?

We all know that if we ignore our physical health, there are consequences to pay. We don’t look or feel our best, we don’t have energy, and if we ignore things long enough, we can even end up risking our lives. In the same way, we pay a big price if we ignore our financial health. We don’t have clarity about where we are or where we’re trying to go, we don’t have the right solutions in place to maximize our opportunities, and we end up failing to protect the things that truly matter. As a second-generation boutique financial services firm, Genovese Associates is dedicated to helping our clients become - and remain - financially healthy.

We start every new relationship with a comprehensive review of your current financial situation so that we can learn where you are now, what your goals are for the future, and evaluate the different paths you could take to get there. Then we explain your options to you so you can make the wisest possible decisions, giving you the clarity you need to move confidently toward a strong financial future. As we implement and monitor your financial wellness strategy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a partner by your side through every season of life, always delivering exceptional service and keeping you financially healthy and strong.

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As one of the top financial professionals in the nation, Greg is proud to be a member of the Nautilus Group, an exclusive resource for estate conservation, philanthropic planning, and business continuation strategies. He is also a recurring Court of the Table qualifier of the Million Dollar Round Table and is a Chairman’s Council agent ranking among the top 1% of New York Life agents across the country. He has risen to the top of the industry by treating his clients like family and going above and beyond to give them the exceptional service and attention they deserve.


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